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  • What is Nano Crystallized Glass Panel
    • 2018-01-10

    Nano Crystallized Glass Panel also callednanoglass panel thewater absorbency rate of only 0.01%,strongly like natural granite.Nano Crystallized Glass Panelas apure white nanoglass whichis a unique options for purest whitemarble project. Nanoglass is made bymixture that consists of 75% silica into a mold to form the slabsize machine model, the Nano Crystallized Glass Panel is produced in strips in ...

  • Popularizing Knowledge of Dry Hanging
    • 2018-01-10

    The Popularizing Knowledge of Dry Hanging Cladding 1. Five Point Cladding 2. Back Bolt Cladding 3. Short Trough Cladding 4. Trough Cladding 5. Steel Pin Cladding

  • Chinese Black Basalt Stone Finishes
    • 2018-01-10

    Chinese Hainan Black Basalt Finishes 1.

  • New Products Launch-Antique black stone wall panel
    • 2018-01-10

    Black Slate Wall Cladding direct from the importer. Perfect use for bathrooms, kitchens, feature walls, splashbacks, interiors and exterior designs New designs Black Antique wall panel

  • NEW products lunching White Crystallize Glass Panel with veins
    • 2018-01-10

    Our products lunching Crystallize Glass Panel . The Products Advantage: 1) Unique in superior whiteness, brilliant radiance and no chromatism Perfect snow white stone, Over 95 degree super glossy but gentle to the eye. 2) 0%Zero water absorption, high temperature ,chemical and stain resistance and can be repolished. 3) Green environment , no toxin and no radiation The major material is environment...

  • Why do designers choose marble tiles?
    • 2021-04-07

    Marble has the characteristics of elegance and endurance, and is one of the most successful choices to achieve perfect home design. It is a highly decorative and timeless material that will not lose its effectiveness over time. Calacatta is one of the marbles most valued by professionals in the industry. Many interior architects and decorating designers choose our Calacatta White Marble products t...

  • White and black marble countertops
    • 2021-04-07

    Marble countertops are the eternal choice of any kitchen due to their beautiful aesthetic value and durable performance, making them perfect for the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, but the question is, should you choose white or black marble countertops? Each color can create a different look in your kitchen, so whether you want a rustic feel or something more modern, we can customize the color ...

  • Milas Liac white marble
    • 2021-04-27

    Milas Lilac is a kind of white base lilac veined marble mined in Turkey. This unique white marble and purple texture has made people from all over the world come to Turkey to purchase. The unique appearance is very advantageous in the market, especially in the exclusive decoration area. This kind of stone is particularly suitable for countertops, mosaics, exterior-internal wall and floor applicati...

  • How to make natural stone walls
    • 2021-08-13

    If you want to provide your project with high quality and low price stone products, please come to globalstonesale, we have a variety of granite and marble for you to choose from! Installing facades or interior walls through stone cladding is a good way to add depth and grade to the look of the project. The supplier will make stone wall cladding for you, and like us, we will ship them to your ware...

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