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  • Introduction of white wood grain marble
    • 2022-01-21

    White wood is an off-white marble with wood veins, known for its spectacle of "ordinary wood". The origin of the marble is the Guizhou region of China, so it is also called wood grain marble or beige serpeggiante marble. 1. White wood is really limestone! White wood marble is a limestone whose main element is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). 2. It really uses a natural powder structure Although it has a...

  • What is the real difference between marble and granite?
    • 2022-01-10

    You may know that there are many kinds of natural stones on the earth, such as granite, marble, slate, sandstone, limestone, quartzite, etc. But marble and granite may be the most widely used natural stones in personal records. Granite and related marbles are one of the oldest stones on earth, and can be traced back to ancient Egypt. What is the real difference between marble and granite? The most...

  • How many kinds of artificial stone countertops are there?
    • 2021-12-22

    Kitchen countertops, as the most common household items in our daily lives, not only bring convenience to people, but also make our lives colorful. A beautiful and practical kitchen countertop can always bring us a pleasant experience. Of course, the choice of different materials always dazzles everyone and don't know how to choose. For example, how many types of kitchen countertops do we have? Ho...

  • Large granite slab application
    • 2021-12-09

    Granite stone has excellent physical properties, and people use it in more and more places. Due to the abundant granite resources, people can process different materials into different products. In this process, the extra-large granite slab is a special and popular shape, which plays a very important role in daily life. For some new customers, it may not be very clear, but for regular granite and ...

  • China Quartz Slabs Quartz Gemstone Development
    • 2021-11-25

    Virtually ten years of fast development, quartz market size and personnel, creation ability and practical stage have been greatly promoted, residing limit rock market occupies essential situation. Currently, the quartz, as a result of little bungalow market creation enterprise number numerous, some little quartz manufacturing facility creation item quality is comparatively very poor, some large bu...

  • How to purchase a normal natural stone
    • 2021-11-12

    Natural stone has been utilized as being a material for property interior redecorating for some time now. It really is employed for wall space tiling and floor tiling, wall surface posts, worktops, fireplaces, interior decorating elements. Even so, to provide a long-term of assistance of most these materials it is required to make a proper choice of natural stone and materials for completing. What...

  • How to look after natural stone products
    • 2021-10-29

    All-natural stone is a normal material which was found in design, doing, external and internal decor for a long period and up towards the current. Excellence of the preliminary material, modern products and high competent rock masons let creating actual projects from plain on the very first glance slabs. Merchandise of each possible apps: restroom suites, kitchens countertops, windowsills, tiles a...

  • Onyx Stone Countertops Vs Quartz Stone Countertops
    • 2021-10-15

    What are the differences and similarities between Onyx Stone Countertops and Quartz Stone Countertops? How to choose it for your own project? 1 Physical characteristics Quartz countertops are harder and easier to maintain. We know that it is artificial stone, and people can use it as a countertop without worrying about it. This is also the reason why it is popular now. At the same time, the physic...

  • 3 things to consider when choosing a White Quartz Slab
    • 2021-09-03

    In today's stone market, especially stone cabinets and kitchen countertops, artificial quartz stone has become an absolute hit. Among them, white quartz slate has been recognized and affirmed by many dealers and wholesalers, which also shows that this quartz stone pattern in different regions and countries have been widely used and accepted. So what factors should we consider when choosing white q...

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