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How to make natural stone walls

How to make natural stone walls

  • 2021-08-13
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Installing facades or interior walls through stone cladding is a good way to add depth and grade to the look of the project.

The supplier will make stone wall cladding for you, and like us, we will ship them to your warehouse or project site, of course, you can decide to install them yourself or by a contractor, and if you want to install the stone wall cladding yourself by:

We produce natural stone wall panels from our factory. This means that each work has a different function. Therefore, before installing them, it's a good idea to dry them out to find your favorite combination. Place them in a brick pattern to make the panel seams less visible.

It is important to make sure everything is clean before installation. This includes ensuring that the walls are free of dust or dirt. If there is paint on the wall, the paint must be peeled off first. Or you can use the right adhesive material. Wall cladding must also be free of dust and dirt to ensure sound adhesion.

It helps to primer the walls first. When the porous surfaces and wall panels of the wall are too dry, the moisture in the adhesive is drawn out too quickly. This can have a negative impact on adhesion. If the surface looks very porous and dry, the wall surface must first be primered for optimal adhesion.

Use the correct glue. The stone cladding is very heavy. Depending on the thickness of the stones, they can weigh more than 50 kg per square meter. Therefore, make sure to use a manufacturer-designed tile adhesive to maintain such a heavy weight on the wall. Flexibility is also important because it allows the gem to experience a certain amount of thermal expansion.

Keep the stone's original appearance. Once the adhesive is cured correctly, make sure to use the impregnated sealant sealant to seal the stone wall cladding. If not sealed properly, the stone may discolor or get dirty.

These are just a few key points to keep in mind when installing stone wall cladding. For more details, contact a professional installer.

There is no doubt that the stone wall cladding can add a unique look to your home.

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