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Which is the best way of mining ?

  • 2018-04-10

Member of the National Association of Industry and Commerce Stone Industry Chamber of Experts, Chinese stone mining and stone machinery expert and senior engineer Liao Yuanshi first went to the forum to "how to reduce mine environmental damage and waste of resources," "how to improve the mining of mining materials The rate and other issues were explained in detail.

The procedures for the standardized building of stone mines include the preparation of geological exploration and comprehensive utilization schemes, feasible vegetation restoration programs, scientific and rational mine planning and design, and safety design. In addition, the use of roads, infrastructure, etc. to reduce farmland occupation of cultivated land, the collection and utilization of landfills and waste water, and the discharge of environmental protection are planned, and dust treatment during dry cutting is also required.

In addition to the previous planning and design, different mining technologies should be adopted for different mines, and mining equipment is also not the same. He said that mining equipment can be practical, not blindly pursue foreign products, because the structure of foreign ore bodies and domestic mines are still quite different.

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