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White Marble Slabs

Snow white carrara marble

Snow white carrara marble

Snow flake carrera white and Diamond white marble is a kind of marble. It is produced in Italy. Its snow flake white marble slate board is white, white, pure and crystal, snowflake and transparent. Snow white marble is a calcareous stone quality is soft, the surface is very easy to scratch, not easy to scratch in general used in place maintenance methods to be careful.

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Snow white for many famous buildings, such as Shanghai World Trade Center, Nanjing International Hotel Xuanti Engineering (Wuhan Jianyin, Beijing gorgeous tapered column) building and modern building in Suzhou.

The variety of natural marble, white color, and texture distribution or gray line runs through the surface, and the lines of uneven distribution of luminosity is excellent, can reach 120 degrees, the snow white because of fine texture, high gloss in marble in high-grade varieties, mainly used in the high places of the interior decoration, such as hotel lobby, stairs, interior wall. Such as black and gold and other high-grade varieties with the production model, called the golden pen.

Maybe you want to get more choice for White Marble Slabs. Anyway, White marble countertop is the beautiful and practical choice for your kitchen design.

Sub level editor
A: the width of white bottom and coarse grain is about 50MM and the distribution of coarse grain is relatively sparse and uniform, and no crack is found.
B level: the base of color white, thick still change or thick line stripe silk still exist at the same time, a slight crack.

C level: the bottom color does not require, the coarse grain change is bigger, the crack is many.

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.