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Real Estate project with Granite

  • 2020-09-15

Granite works well outdoors and this Rusty granite looks great in this outdoor garden.
The Rusty granite work with black granite tile makes garden looks beautiful, and the flamed finished surface skid resistance in rainy days.There is a special design which is a black granite bench outdoor.
black granite countertops

Beige granite tiles

beige granite countertops

The Shanxi black granite waterfall landscape is a special craft in this garden.the ups and downs features looks like following water.

black granite tile

Polished Granite Wall Tile

The green plants wall is comsist of black granite with comb surface finishes and green makes beautiful and space saving.

The small path in garden is made from Beige granite tiles with black pebbles.You can go for walk or respite when tired.

Beige granite paver

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