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Azul Bahia granite ​Technical and Physical Characteristics

  • 2017-06-09

Azul Bahia graniteTechnical and Physical Characteristics:

Azul Bahia graniteis a white-blue sodalite foidolite of the Precambrian period.

Original:The Republic of Namibia

Mineral Composition: Microcline: 51%, Sodalite: 30%, Cancrinite: 10%, Plagioclase: 5%, Aegirine: 2%, Mafite: 2%

Technical and Physical Characteristics:

Compression tensile strength: 1776 kg/cm2

Unitary modulus of bending tensile strength: 165 kg/cm2

Heat expansion coefficient: 0.0012 mm/m°C

Mass by unit of volume: 2553 kg/m3

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