Grey Wooden Marble Thin Tile Grade A Come From Authentic Old Quarry
    Joyace Stone owns two large fine processing factories of thin tile and engineering tile. Professional manufacturer of different sizes of grey wooden marble thin tile and cut-to-size tile.
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Grey Wooden Marble Thin Tile Grade A Come From Authentic Old Quarry

Name: Chinese grey wooden marble Type: thin tile
Grade standard: Joyace Stone’s grade A standard
Surface treatment: polished
Size: 610*305*10mm
Joyace Stone is the long-term professional manufacturer of grey wooden marble thin tiles and engineering tiles, Produces grey wooden marble products of different size and thickness according to the customer’s requirement.
The following picture is the grey wooden marble thin tile real shot picture.
The following picture is the grey wooden marble project.
The following picture is the thin tile wooden packing picture.
The careful professional packing guarantees our packing box to be solid,antifouling and waterproof, reduce the damage to the minimum during the transportation.
The following is the thin tile/engineering tile infrared machine fine processing factory picture.
Grey Wooden Marble Thin Tile
Joyace Stone owns large mining lot and two large infrared engineering slab processing factories,long-term focusing on the production of finished products such as wooden sheet, engineering slab, line stone, Mosaic, cultural stone and so on.
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Joyace No.1 Process Factory: Qiaonan Industrial Zone, Xiadian Village, Shuitou Town, Nanan City, Fujian Province, P.R. China.

Joyace No.2 Process Factory: Hujing Stone Village Zhiliu Road,Binhai Industrial Zone,Shijing,nan'an  City,Fujian Province, P.R. China.
Slabs Market:Joyace Warehouse at the Gate of Pengxiang Stone Center,Binghai Industrial Zone,Shuitou Town,Nan'an City,Fujian,China.

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