China manufacture inexpensive quartz countertops colors for kitchens
    inexpensive quartz countertops colors for kitchens
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China manufacture inexpensive quartz countertops colors for kitchens

 Product Description

 Component  93% natural quartz powder + 7% resin+pigment 
  Slab Size                     

 standard size: 2440x760mm,2440x1520mm

 large size: 3220x1620mm,3200x1600mm,3050x1520mm,3030x1450mm,300x1400mm

 Thickness  12mm,15mm,20mm and 30mm
 Hardness  6.5 Mohs
 Surface Polished  3000 grit
 Quality Approved          CE,SGS,NSF,REACH,ROHS
 Lead Time     15-20 working days
 Product charater 1. Wear-resistant and pressure-resistant
 2. High hardness and high temperature resistance 
 3. High acid-base resistance and corrosion resistance 
 4. No radiation, environmental protection and Healthy
 5. High luminance and easy to cleaning 
 Warranty  10 years limited warranty


 Popular Colors

If you are not satisfied with the color, you can do this:

1, you can send us an inquiry, we can provide you with some other nice colors

2, you can provide us with the kind of color you like, we help you match color

 Quartz Stone Advantages

This material is called Artificial Quartz Stone,it possesses numerous features with solid surface:


1Natural Beauty: Artificial slab is made from over 93% of quartz. The natural quartz in Artificial Quartz delivers distinctive depth, brilliant clarity, glimmering radiance and a cool, solid feel unique to natural stone.

2Stain Resistance: Artificial Quartz is no air pore and therefore it is highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, tea, fruit juice, olive oil, makeup and many other common household products.

3. Heat Resistance: It will withstand limited exposure to heat without burning or scorching. The fire of a lit match will not mar Artificial Quartz.

4. Strength: Artificial Quartz has four times the flexural strength of granite, making it less susceptible to chipping and cracking during transportation and installation.

5No Color Difference: The color of Artificial Quartz does not fade and change. With the fully auto-controlled equipments, the consistent rate of color standard is high. In our indoor daily life, Artificial Quartz will not fade and loss luster because of oxidation, aging, erosion or touching hot products.

6No Radiation: Artificial Quartz has no side effect to directly touch food and body. It is green to environment without any radiation. Artificial Quartz is suitable for kitchen countertop, floor tile, wall tile and so on.

 Our Factory

Established in 2000, Gelandi is a Joint-Venture Corportaion and now listed Ltd., Co.,. Over 16 years, our visionary management team has built up and enviable reputation for creating truly satisfying and stylish home, modern office and commercial environments at extremely cost-effective rateds. Employing some 400 skilled workers, our 65620 sq. m. state-of –the-art production center in Guangzhou, China, can now produce around 500,000 solid sruface and quartz sheets, sinks&basins. And decorative panels annually.


 Packing & Shipping


1. Does it easy yellowing ? 

    The anti-yellowing technology is industry-leading. Slow down the speed of yellowing .

2. What is the warranty? 
    10 Years Limited Warranty High Quality .

3. Does it with color differences? 
    Can guarantee no color differences in the same order .

4. How abou the Inspection?
    Inspectin 4 times , also, we accept all inspection for all products .

5. What kind package material do you use ? 
    E0 standard for plywood package material, formaldehyde content of the European standard.

6. Can you provide small samples? 
    Yes. 100*100*20mm, provide free for testing the quality.

7. Do you have any certificates? 
    Yes. GMC / CE / SGS / ROHS / REACH




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